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Master Aaron Lee Koch
8 Feng Shui Home & Business Consultation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Feng Shui.  Does it really work?
Authentic Classical Feng Shui is energy work for the home and workplace.  The "chi", or vital life energy in the environment affects all aspects of life and business.  Many homeowners, renters and business owners find that, with even a few modifications, excellent results are achieved.

What is chi?

Chi, sometimes written as "qi", is the vital life energy that flows through and around us, and is everywhere in our bodies and our environment. 
Therapies which work on balancing and optimizing the flow of chi in the human body include reiki, acupuncture, shiatsu and other other types of pressure point massage.  The correct practice of reiki, acupuncture, or shiatsu will often result in great improvements to an individual’s health and energy level.  Tai chi is an exercise system which aims to balance the chi.  Several forms of Asian martial arts, such as Aikido, consciously use the chi to maximize the output of force.  The skillful channeling of chi in the martial arts produces tremendous physical power.  In the same way, the correct application of Feng Shui to a home or business environment, by a skilled Feng Shui practitioner, can produce dramatic results in every area of the occupant's lives.
How did Feng Shui originate?
Feng Shui can be traced back thousands of years to ancient China.  It is partly based on information found in ancient texts that still exist, including the I Ching (Book of Changes), and partly based on texts known to have been lost.  There are numerous legends related to the origin of some of the formulas used in classical Feng Shui.  These include stories about markings observed on the back of a large turtle, and theories about extraterrestrial sources bringing this powerful knowledge to earth.  However, the origins of these formulas are largely unknown.

What form of Feng Shui do you practice?

Every 8 Feng Shui home & business Consultation Service is based on authentic compass-based Classical Feng Shui.  I do not use any of the "western" or non-traditional interpretations of Feng Shui.  Whether a building is on Hong Kong Island or Manhattan Island, Feng Shui should be approached in exactly the same way in order to achieve the best possible results.

What is the difference between a Feng Shui practitioner and an interior designer?

A Feng Shui practitioner and an interior designer have different main goals.  The main goals of an interior designer are to produce an environment that is esthetically pleasing and that functions efficiently.  The main goals of a Feng Shui practitioner are to insure that the occupants of a building benefit from good aspects of that building's energy, and to minimize the impact of bad energy.  Good Feng Shui will usually produce an environment that is both esthetically pleasing and efficient, but only as side benefits.  Some of the recommendations made by a Feng Shui practitioner may relate to the decor of a room, and therefore Feng Shui is sometimes confused with interior decorating.  However, authentic Feng Shui is actually energy work, and is more closely related to reiki or acupuncture than it is to interior design.

What changes can I reasonably expect to see?
Good Feng Shui creates an environment which is more comfortable, and where good energy and good events flow more easily.  The atmosphere is more conducive to prosperity, health, creativity, romance, education, productivity, and interpersonal harmony. 
Businesses experience an increase in customer and cash flow.  In business climates where neighbors are closing up, firms with good Feng Shui remain solid and stable.

When a situation is "stuck", a "breakthrough" often occurs.  This includes health issues, difficulties in a relationship or in finding a relationship, difficulties with fertility, legal issues, success in school or in getting into a top school, as well as all types of business and financial problems.   

I caution against expecting a "miracle" to occur.  Once things get to a critical or final state, a change in Feng Shui may or may not produce a turnaround.  Whether the situation is a grave illness, a business on the verge of failure or a relationship that has all but fallen apart, waiting for the "last minute" is not a good idea.

Should I expect to see results immediately?
Clients often report very quick results in one or more areas.  However, gradual results are more the norm.  The energy shifts brought about by Feng Shui changes are powerful.  It is therefore recommended that Feng Shui enhancements be implemented incrementally, allowing time for the occupants to assimilate each change in energy flow.  This usually produces gradual improvements in the lives of the occupants, and that is the most desirable result.  If many changes are made at once, a "healing crisis" may occur and upheaval can be experienced.  While this settles down in time, it can produce a period of confusion and discomfort.

I am interested in a consultation but I'm afraid you may just tell me to move.

Extreme circumstances do exist where the energy of a home or business is so negatively afflicted that nothing can be done to help the situation and the only recommendation would be to move.  An example of this might be a home constructed on an old burial site.  On a positive note, such "hopeless" situations are extraordinarily rare and are something that I do not normally encounter.  While some buildings offer greater potential than others, I take the approach that virtually every home or business can be improved upon and my experience strongly bears this out.

There really is nothing wrong that I can put my finger on, but my home has never felt quite right.  My spouse, on the other hand, feels fine.  Is this a Feng Shui issue?
Individuals who are sensitive to the energy in their environment often pick up on an unseen energetic "imbalance" in their home.  This can be subtle and may not be felt equally by everyone, but it is nonetheless real.  One of the goals of Feng Shui is to bring the unseen influences into balance.  This produces an increased sense of harmony in the environment and, surprisingly, things generally start to flow better with less effort.   
I would like help locating my "career area" ("romance area", etc.)  Is it in the north or in the area of the main door?
The actual answer is neither.  Simplistic and generalized forms of Feng Shui may use a template called the "pa kua" to locate various luck "corners" or "areas" in a house.  An authentic analysis of the unseen influences in your home will determine precisely where the strongest prosperity, health and relationship influences are located.  These may be found ANYWHERE in the house.  On rare occasion, they are not found at all.

How can I know that a Feng Shui practitioner or consultant is truly qualified?

Most American practitioners or consultants practice "new age" or "western" interpretations of Feng Shui.  I have no interest in denigrating these practices.  However, they differ greatly from the traditional practice of Feng Shui.  The authentic and traditional practice of Feng Shui is always based on compass directions and includes an analysis of the powerful unseen influences ("flying stars").
To select a qualified practitioner of authentic Feng Shui, make sure that the individual bases their work on compass directions and that a flying star analysis is performed.  A practitioner or consultant who has been certified in Asia or by a school of classical Feng Shui, such as The American School of Classical Feng Shui, will most likely meet these requirements.  
Do you do phone or mail consultations?
I feel that I can best serve my clients by an actual visit to their location.  However, there are extenuating circumstances that may make this impossible (such as the fact that I limit my work to North America only).  Remote, or "Silver Level" consultations (see Services), require that data such as floor plans, compass directions, and photographs be provided by the client.
What methods do you use?
While the methods that I employ for a project are specifically selected in accordance with that project's requirements, the methodologies and formulae that I call upon include:
  • Landform Analysis - examination of the natural and artificial exterior features which impact a property 
  • Form School Feng Shui - examination of the impact of visible features (i.e. architectural features, room design, furniture placement) on the flow of chi   
  • Eight Mansions Formula - determination of auspicious and inauspicious directions and locations for each occupant
  • Flying Star Feng Shui - casting of a property's natal chart to determine the nature of the powerful unseen influences in the building, how those influences move over time and how their impact on the structure's occupants changes over time
  • Man Plate Formula - determination of the impact of outbuildings and other exterior features on a property  
  • Water Dragon Formula - assessment of the impact of water features on a property
  • 24 Mountains Formula - fine-tuning the impact of auspicious energies
  • 120 Bags of Gold Formula - tapping of auspicious earth energies with extreme precision
Will you consider the impact of environmental factors?
Yes. Onsite consultations include both testing of air quality, and testing for high levels of potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF).

What types of recommendations are made?

Recommended modifications can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Best location and position for a building on a construction site (for new construction).
  • Floor plan modifications.
  • Best room usage for each individual and/or activity.
  • Types of furniture.
  • Furniture placement.
  • Best sitting and sleeping directions.
  • Lighting.
  • Décor to optimize the flow of energy, including wall treatments, floor coverings, and window treatments.
  • Cures for negative architectural features.
  • “Five element” cures to mitigate possible problems due to areas of negative energy, and to strengthen areas of positive energy.
  • Symbolism or other specific enhancements to support occupant life goals.
  • Best moving-in or business opening dates.
  • Use of aromatherapy.
  • Use of crystal energy.
  • “Inner Feng Shui” work (personal metaphysical exercises or practices).

Every attempt is made to accommodate each client’s budget, personal preferences, and other requirements.

I am interested in a Feng Shui consultation.  However, due to my career and my position in the public eye, I require confidentiality.  Can I count on you to respect this? 

Client information is never sold or shared for any reason.  Furthermore, information provided by individuals inquiring about consultation services, is held in strict confidence.

My home was planned and constructed using the principles of Vastu Shastra, the Indian science of building positioning and design.  Is it possible to derive the additional benefits offered by Feng Shui without undoing any of the good that has already been done? 

Excellent Feng Shui can be incorporated into your home in addition to Vastu Shastra.  Upon request, your Feng Shui recommendations will be designed so as not to conflict with the principles of Vastu.

The symbolic objects that I purchased from you have brought me a great deal of success. I would like to give these items as gifts, however I cannot find them in Chinatown or elsewhere.  What is your secret?

Due to my excellent contacts in China, Malaysia, Canada and across the USA, I am able to offer my clients a selection of Feng Shui symbols and energy enhancers that are not readily available, and at very favorable prices. I offer a growing selection of carefully selected merchandise online at www.FengShuiMegaShop.com.

A big difference in purchasing directly from me or through The Feng Shui Mega Shop, rather than from any other vendor, is that nothing leaves my warehouse until it is smudged 8 times, meditated over 8 times, and blessed 8 times. This maximizes the beneficial potency of each item and insures that items do not carry any type of negative or questionable energy.

What are your fees?  How do they compare with those of other practitioners?

My consultations fees are reasonable and are based on the complexity of the project.  Please call or e-mail for an exact quote with no obligation whatsoever.

Only a small number of practitioners in North America perform the type of comprehensive and thorough energy analysis that I offer, using the authentic principles of classical Feng Shui, and fewer still have my level of experience in working with this energy to create a home or workplace that supports optimal prosperity, health and good relationships.  Among this select group, my fees compare very favorably.

There are practitioners whose concept of Feng Shui is a quick walk through while making "off the cuff" suggestions to "create harmony", and a service of this type may cost very little.  It is important to know who you are dealing with and to understand the service you will receive before determining the value for your dollar. 

How should payment of consultation fees be made?

The consultation fee may be paid at the first site visit, or half at the first visit and half at the second, whichever you prefer.  Payment may be made by cash, check or money order.  There is no need to present payment in a red envelope or in any other special way.

After the consultation, am I "on my own" or may I contact you with questions?
My clients often contact me to let me know how well things are going.  You are also welcome to call or email with any questions or issues that come up in regard to your consultation.  You will not be "on your own".  Once I work with you, my goal is your success!