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Master Aaron Lee Koch
8 Feng Shui Home & Business Consultation Services

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Client Comments

A sampling of the many comments received from clients.

"I have employed Master Aaron Lee Koch for my home and office Feng Shui consultations, annually since 2012. My experience has been extremely good both in terms of the results that I have received and in terms of dealing with Aaron as a hghly skiled professional. My business has improved each year despite some real challenges that have decimated my local competition. My home feels better and family harmony has been wonderful. My children get along better and are doing better in school than had been the case in the past. Minor illnesses that seemed to be never-ending have become a rarity in my family. I wholeheartedly recommend all 8 Feng Shui home and business Consultation Services."

R.K., Ellenville, NY

"Great work and reasonably priced!! Really enjoyed the experience. Will definitely hire again."

A.M., Elmwood Park, NJ

"He changed our family and how we live with love and happiness. Aaron is beyond belief in helping you change your life for success too. He is so knowledgeable in every aspect of Feng Shui. He is a warm person with great interpersonal skills. It will be the BEST decision you ever made in your life to have Aaron provide his services to you. Feng Shui is an amazing adventure! Please don't miss this opportunity to have him help you live a life full of energy and love. My journey in life brought me to Aaron so I hope when YOU read this you will not have any doubt. Call HIM! It will be the best decision you ever made."

M.M., Warrington, PA

"Feng Shui Master Aaron Lee Koch was extremely thorough. He was at my house for approximately 10 hours. He brought his laptop and printer, so when he left, I had in my hand a very detailed report for every room as well as the outdoor areas of my property. He travelled five hours to reach my home, and did not charge me for the travel time, but only for his standard rate. After I am finished implementing all of his advice, I plan to ask him to return to fine tune anything that I may have missed. I am halfway through the changes that he suggested, and already it has been very beneficial!."

M.B., Glen Rock, PA

"Master Aaron is knowledgable, thorough and considerate. After 10 hrs at our home we were given a detailed floor plan, report and suggestions for each and every room in our house. We started to see positive changes from the second we made the appointment. I guess it just got the ball rolling! Master Aaron is great with follow up. Would definitely recommend him!"

D.S., Saddle River, NJ

"Master Aaron is extremely thorough and detailed. He explains everything he is doing and answers any questions you may have. He gives you detailed diagrams and explanations for changes to be implemented in each room..."

M.T., Copiague, NY

"Very helpful, knowledgable and professional. Can't be happier with the service. Highly recommended."

I.R., Tenafly, NJ

"Master Aaron was professional and straight forward. There is way too much to type, but I will say this, Do not go any further you found the best with Master Aaron he is excellent at his craft. I could not be happier."

M.K., Commack, NY

"I would like to express my endless gratitude to Master Aaron Lee Koch. I made an appointment for my first Feng Shui evaluation about three years ago. I had wanted an evaluation for a long time but did not have time to search for a professional and reliable master. When my life changed, I got very ill, lost my job, the job I found was not what was promised or expected and my family relationships were not working at all, I then first met Master Aaron. I believe it was fate and I believe everything happens for a reason. If you think that after a few things get moved in your home or a few colors get changed, magic starts happening, there's no magic and no guarantees. I can say that I have seen many positive changes, almost magically. I just had my second annual Update Consultation. Each year, I wait for Aaron's visit and it is an interesting and enjoyable day that brings more good happenings. Since my first consultation, I never felt alone, any questions I had, anything I did not understand or if I needed suggestions for better cures, Aaron always had time for me. Always pleasant, professional and happy to answer questions. I would recommend his services to my family, friends, to other people, and I have done so. I received outstanding, great service and I'm planning to be a client for many years. I became more spiritual and a better person because of Aaron. Thank you, Aaron, for the wonderful work you do!"

M.S., Huntingdon Valley, PA

"I made about 90% of the changes you have suggested for my office ... (moved to a new  room, repainted, hung the Feng Shui coins, etc.) About 3 weeks after making the changes,  I got an $800K order; totally unexpected! ( wasn't even on the radar). I was already having a good sales year ..., but this really helps!"

S.S., Palm Coast, FL

"Thank you for helping to drastically improve my quality of life." "Since consulting with you, I have become a top sales producer at work, consistently. As of today, I am living in the condo of my dreams, after leaving a shabby low income apartment. I have been offered the opportunity of a management position at my job. When initially consulting with you 4-5 months ago, I was desperate, on the verge of losing my job. Thank you for your sincere help."

N.B., Clearwater, FL

"We are immensely grateful for your visit to our little bungalow 2 weeks ago. You gave so much of yourself, your time, and expertise. Thank you for all of your thoughtful questions and bits of relationship advice as well. You truly have a gift ... thank you for sharing!!"

A.C. (& family), Media, PA

"Thank you so much for all the work you put in to make our home a happier & healthier one. My son and I do appreciate the care you took."

B.B. & L.B., Utica, NY

"Aaron helped me get past a difficult time in my life where my health was not good and I felt very stuck.  I have, with the help of excellent Feng Shui in my apartment, moved forward in a very positive way.  I have started socializing again, my physical symptoms have greatly diminished, and I have a new sense of optimism.  I give Aaron my highest recommendation.  He will not let you down."

M.G., New York, NY

"I bought my house without considering Feng Shui and things went downhill once we moved in.  Aaron did a comprehensive study of the structure’s energy and gave me a very clear set of recommendations.  After the consultation, he has been there for my many phone calls, and has been wonderful in seeing me through this process.  The results are incredible and beyond my expectations.  The recommendations were imaginative and creative, and also in line with what I feel is doable and with my budget.  I am extremely pleased."

J.J., Milburn, NJ

"I asked Master Aaron to help me with the setup of my new (art) studio, and I am thankful that I did. In an arts environment that I once found rather challenging, my career and reputation seem to grow from month to month. The space is very inviting and often evokes compliments.  I believe that Master Aaron’s work has enhanced both my creativity and my productivity."   

S.M., Brooklyn, NY

"I turned to Aaron in the hope of rekindling a recently ended relationship.  I was feeling very lonely and that clouded my thinking about what was best.  Aaron suggested that we should instead aim to improve my overall relationship luck and see what happens.  He also made suggestions about how to stimulate my dating life, and suggested some changes to my online profile.  A few weeks after my Feng Shui consultation, I started seeing a wonderful man.  I am very happy now, and there is none of the drama I had to deal with before.  When my ex-boyfriend eventually called me, I had no feelings or interest for him anymore and I told him that I have already moved on to something better, thanks to Aaron."   

G.C., Maplewood, NJ

"... you visited our apartment in December ... in order to help us move. You told me I had bought into the idea that Manhattan and New York in general are very expensive, too expensive to live in. In March we were drawn from a lottery for an affordable brand new three bedroom apartment on a high floor with lots of light, in Chelsea. I really cannot thank you enough for this monumental life-changing event.  It's a dream come true and we owe it to you. Thank you, Aaron, truly and deeply, from the bottom of our hearts."

A.S. & family, New York, NY

"Aaron, congratulations. (We have) incorporated many of the changes you suggested and the changes are dynamic: the entrance beckons people to enter, the media room has a conversation pit everyone uses. Thank you for sharing your expertise making (our B&B) so much better!"

W.K., Milesburg, PA

"Thanks so much for your help. My place is starting to look amazing with your recommendations."

M.C., Huntingdon Valley, PA

"I have been enjoying reviewing my consultation report. I am looking so forward to implementing it in my new home. I feel that this is an excellent opportunity for a fresh new start for my family and I.  ...thank you so much for your professionalism, patience, and kindness."

L.A., Brooklyn, NY

"Master Aaron Koch provided excellent service, especially considering the extremely reasonable cost. I have contacted him repeatedly with follow-up questions and he has taken great care to make certain that they were answered thoroughly. I would recommend his services to anyone who is even remotely considering a Feng Shui consultation with a master practitioner."

K.I., New York, NY

" I hired Aaron Lee Koch of 8 Feng Shui to bring good energy into my new condo in Forest Hills, Queens. Aaron worked on my apartment for pretty much the entire day - he asked me about my life and goals, measured every room and some of the furniture, checked for EMFs, checked out the outside of the building, checked the compass direction, carefully examined every room and typed away on his laptop. Honestly, I was not sure what he was doing on the computer and I did not want to disturb him, although he was very friendly and entirely open to speaking about his work and his very impressive background. At the end of the day, he presented me with an incredible 23 page report that left no detail out. I have never in my life seen anything so thorough! I have put into place a good number of Aaron's recommendations and the condo feels and looks super! I am very very pleased and I know that he helped me get off to a great start in my new home! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give 8 Feng Shui a 12. I forgot to mention, the fee that Aaron charged was extremely reasonable. Highly recommended!"

A.P., Forest Hills, NY

"I can't express in this email how thankful I am for your help.  It is uncanny what happened after I took all of your advice.  I am an artist and have been struggling to get my name out there.  On Monday morning I had 3 people inquire about purchasing a piece.  I got an acceptance letter from a gallery telling me my work had been selected for a group show, I got accepted into an art fair for May and on Tuesday I got the job I applied to and have been waiting to hear back from.  I am really blown away and I know it was thanks to you and your help.  I have been telling everyone I know about it!"

C.J., New York, NY

"I have known Aaron Lee Koch for over 6 years.  I found him when my life was in crisis, but I waited for financial reasons.  At the time, I lived and worked in a basement studio in Queens and I thought his fee was a bit high for rearranging things in my tiny apartment.  I later learned that that is not at all what he does!  Aaron is a very modest person and tends toward understatement.  He actually combines his great expertise in Classical Feng Shui with his incredible psychic ability.  He evaluates the relationship between your environment and the events in your life.  His recommendations help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  In my case, he has changed my life in ways that would probably have taken many years of therapy."

D.R., New York, NY

"In Flushing, we are very 'kiasu' (cautious) when it comes to Feng Shui.  Aaron, however, is known here and he has a very good reputation in the community.  My business has grown and my luck has been good all around, since he first worked on my home and business."

A.D., Flushing, NY

"The consultation brought to light a view of our home that we did not have before.  The thoroughness of the recommendations, including even the garage and the garden, was absolutely impressive.  We have now made a few big changes and many small ones.  The family has seen some good results already in the fields of health and relationships, and we are anticipating more with certainty."

M.G., Col. Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan, Edo. de Mexico  

"I have begun to make the changes you recommended and the difference is incredible!  I exchanged the guest room with my office, which I resisted vehemently, but I actually like the change!  The phone has started to ring with new projects and I am very excited!  I feel like a moron for not calling you two years ago when things started to fall apart, but I have had bad experiences in the past.  With all the voo-doo charlatans out there, it is hard to know when you have found the real thing.  If you are reading this, I want you to know that Aaron Lee is the real thing – a competent Feng Shui expert.  He is also a real gentleman and puts his heart into his work!"

S.B., Forest Hills, NY

"Aaron, the office and house are looking, and feeling, so fantastic ..."

N.D., Lawrenceville, NJ

"(Retail gift shop) was our dream for years.  We put our life savings into the business and things started out slow and remained slow.  We got to the point where we could barely pay our vendors.  You came in and, in a matter of weeks business became healthy and stayed that way ever since.  The shop looks and feels very different.  We now would not make a move without consulting with you and give you the highest possible recommendation."

M.G., Elizabeth, NJ

"Good service, nice person, trustworthy, honest, friendly, highly skilled, what else can I say?  I saw changes from day one and almost every adjustment gave me a better feeling about my home.  My suggestion to all who read this: do not hesitate, Aaron Lee will do a great job for you."

G.D., Stoney Creek, Ontario

"I have employed Aaron’s services for seven out of the last eight years, and at two different locations.  While life, of course, still has its ups and downs (“the ebbs and flows of chi”), the improvements in my home, my work and my family life have been very significant.  My home has a sense of harmony, order and comfort that it did not have before.  My daughters have excelled in their education, which was not always the case.  We have had no significant health issues during this time.  Our finances have gone from so-so to much better. My marriage is better than ever.  Aaron’s attitude is very professional, never judgmental, and he is a pleasure to deal with.  He is deeply concerned with his client’s doing well, and he is always prepared to go beyond the call of duty.  I give Aaron the highest possible recommendation."

R.S., Great Neck, NY

"This was the best investment I have ever made.  In a short time, I have seen tangible changes in my life including attracting the relationship that I have been looking for for years."

G.S., New York, NY 

"I have just one regret about my Feng Shui consultation ... I wish I had called you sooner!"

C.S., Ithaca, NY 

"We have never had much money, and this has kept our aspirations on the modest side.  I can now state with all honesty that the house makes us feel like millionaires - its something about the energy that is such an amazing change.  This in turn has made some real changes in the way we all, including the youngest of the children, see ourselves, our lives and our possibilities!"

T.C., Hamilton, NY 

"I met Aaron Lee through a miracle and he has created miracles in my life.  A series of events had left me despondent and lost.  Trying to regain my life and sense of purpose, I wandered through Europe, looking for something that I could not put my finger on.  At a small museum in Prague, I ran into a cousin from Long Island that I have not seen in years!  Over dinner, I told her my tale of woe which seemed to start when my ex-husband and I bought my present house.  She had worked with Aaron Lee and said that he can help turn things around.  Now, some time has passed and the results of his work are coming to fruition.  My heath and emotional state have drastically improved.  I am in the planning stage of an exciting new business.  My social life is taking off.  And, my home feels, for the first time, like a safe and positive place."

S.R., Los Angeles, CA

"Very professional and extremely helpful. His advice gave us new insights into ways to improve our facility and the environment in and around it."

A.M., Wellsboro, PA

"My first restaurant in this country fell flat on its face.  I did not believe it.  I could have returned to my country a failure, but I was able to borrow money and try again.  Fortunately, this time my brother-in-law insisted that I involve you in the process.  Your recommendations included many factors that we would not even have considered.  The new restaurant is already profitable and appears to be turning into a real hot spot!"

M.A., Paterson, NJ

"When we leased our open plan office, we budgeted for an office design architect, an interior designer and a Feng Shui consultant.  After your very thorough consultation, we did not need the architect, and the interior designer had half as much to do as we had expected.  You saved us thousands!"

E.H., New York, NY

"I was looking for someone to help me design my new apartment according to principals of Feng Shui, but also according my very particular personal taste...."  "I am a designer by profession. (Aaron) not only took his time to listen to me and interpret my request to provide me with the best results but offered his help should I need it any time in the future. Furthermore, it has been over six months and I feel the results of (Aaron's) influence in my personal as well as professional life. I attribute it to (Aaron's) keen eye and many years of his Feng Shui experience."

T.T., Kew Gardens, NY

"I have found Aaron Lee Koch to be a superior Feng Shui master.  His integrity is impeccable and his focus is on serving to help each client reach their fullest potential through the art of Feng Shui.  Thank you, Aaron!"

C.A., Litchfield, CT

"You have helped us attain our dreams on so many levels!  Most importantly, you did it with sensitivity to each of our individual requirements and great respect for the historical integrity of our brownstone.  Thank you! Aaron Lee, you are amazing!"

J.L., Brooklyn, NY

"... the restaurant is packed with people almost every night, even weekday nights.  I'm sure that this success has to do with the Feng Shui changes you advised me to make, because for ten years before this everyone else has failed there."

B.K., Seaside Heights, NJ

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop you led for my (singles) group this past Saturday night!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and, hopefully, will take heed to a few of the Feng Shui tips in order to improve on their love lives!"

C.S., Bridgeport, CT

"I am very pleased with the work done by (Aaron) Koch. He was very attentive to my particular needs and made sure that he understood what was going on in my life, so that we could make the appropriate adjustments. Even after he completed the work, whenever I have questions regarding his suggestions, he quickly responds to my e-mails. He is friendly, courteous, and demonstrates a high degree of professionalism."

T.R., Bronx, NY

"I have made most of the changes that you recommended and have reaped the rewards!  I did get a new job"  "... My financial circumstances have improved"  "... With that, it has reduced some of my stress level."

J.M., Millbury, MA

"I gave you six goals that I had for myself and now, less than a year later, every goal has been met, including a great new relationship!!!  I am amazed and extremely happy!"

J.W., Bala Cynwyd, PA

"When you said that good Feng Shui can benefit all members of the family, I didn't expect to see a dramatic change in my cat.  Phoebe is 15 years old and her appetite has been decreasing over the last 6 months. She has started to lose weight at an alarming rate.  I changed her food position as you recommended, and she gradually started eating more.  After two weeks, she was back to normal!  I am so pleased!  And you know what else?  My plants, in their new locations, seem to be doing better, too!"

P.C., New York, NY

"My daughter did do significantly better in school this past year.  Most amazingly, with the addition of the tribute horse, she did extremely well on her SATs and got into her first choice of colleges!"

M.R., Waterbury, CT

"Feng Shui has made such a difference for my business and my family.  There is a lot of skepticism out there, but when it is the real thing, it really works!"

B.D., Philadelphia, PA

"Your discussion on Feng Shui was truly informative and thought provoking!  I believe our members obtained a lot of useful information, as did I.  I was also encouraged and excited by the number of members who came to hear you speak."

S.S., Syracuse, NY

"I do not understand why, but my condo feels completely different now.  I was on the verge of moving and called you as a last resort.  You helped me avoid a significant financial loss.  You also showed me how to make dramatic changes without spending a lot of money!  Blessings to you!"

D.C., Côte St-Luc, Québec

"Mr. Koch gave a presentation to our company regarding Feng Shui in the workplace. His presentation was extremely professional, entertaining, and most of all helpful."

S.F., New York, NY 

"I had moved to a new home and wanted some advice in regard to keeping my space positive and welcoming at all times. (Aaron) Koch was wonderful.  I made a couple of little changes right away that felt right to me. Am in the process of working on some others. The suggestions are working out very well and I am very happy with the results."

A.H., West New York, NJ 

"When we decided to have a baby, we had no idea that it would be as difficult as it was.  We implemented your suggestions with enthusiasm and, I have to admit, a bit of skepticism.  Our beautiful daughter was born 3 weeks ago and my wife and I were just talking about how it is still not a year since we first met you.  Your help has meant so much to us and we cannot thank you enough." 

J.T., Edison, NJ

"Losing my job in this economy left me feeling terrified and in a panic.  I had considered your services for some time and I knew this was the right time, despite my fears about money.  When I met you, I immediately felt sure that I had made the best possible decision and I became calmer.  I followed your instructions to make the changes slowly.  On the 3rd and 4th days after your visit, I was invited to interview for 2 different jobs, one here in Queens and the other in New Jersey.   I start my new job, 15 minutes from my home and at a higher salary than I was making before, on Monday.  I am spreading the word.  You can expect a lot of new clients!"

L.D., South Ozone Park, NY