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Master Aaron Lee Koch
8 Feng Shui Home & Business Consultation Services

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Books by Master Aaron Lee Koch
FENG SHUI Q&A - Real Solutions for Feng Shui Problems
by Master Aaron Lee Koch

Feng Shui Q&A

"Feng Shui Q&A” is the WORLD’s most complete book of answers to real Feng Shui situations. Based on 13 years of Master Aaron Lee Koch's monthly column "Ask Aaron - About Feng Shui and Life", Feng Shui Q&A” answers the questions you have wondered about and clears up points of confusion! The index makes this a valuable reference work that belongs on the desk of every Feng Shui aficionado. Available from amazon.com and bn.com.  6" x 9", 460 pages, list price – $29.99.


FENG SHUI SECRETS for GLOWING Health, SERIOUS Wealth & GREAT Relationships! by Master Aaron Lee Koch

Authentic Feng Shui

"Feng Shui Secrets for Glowing Health, Serious Wealth and Great Relationships”, Master Aaron Lee Koch's earlier book, based on the first 6 years of his monthly column, is still available from amazon.com and bn.com.  8.5" x 11", 179 pages, list price – $19.99.

Other Books on Classical Feng Shui

When reading books on Feng Shui, it is important to know whether the writing is based on authentic "Classical" Feng Shui as practiced in Asia for generations, or on the numerous practices developed in the west, that are called Feng Shui despite having little in common with the real thing.   The following books, while reflecting a number of different "lineages" and approaches, are recommended because they deal with authentic Feng Shui. 

Books on "Inner" Feng Shui

As a Feng Shui Master, I help my clients use the energy of their homes or workplaces to attain personal and business success.  Along with Feng Shui, I also recommend “inner Feng Shui”.  “Inner Feng Shui” means learning to truly love yourself, changing negative thought patterns into positive thinking, and opening up to the very best of everything in life.  Feng Shui is extremely powerful.  Yet, many of us lack self-love and are prone to self-sabotage.  “Inner Feng Shui” work can end self-sabotage, and empower you to move “full speed ahead” toward your goals!  For the best in “inner Feng Shui”, I recommend the work of Louise L. Hay, metaphysical teacher and counselor whose work has changed the lives of millions worldwide.