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Master Aaron Lee Koch
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Award of Feng Shui Excellence

Aaron Lee Koch has established the Feng Shui Excellence Award, America's first award for outstanding Feng Shui. The Feng Shui Excellence Award is awarded to home and business owners that have achieved a high level of Feng Shui excellence and have experienced the results thereof. 


The Feng Shui Excellence Award has been bestowed upon the home of Lillian M. and Kurt V. in Buffalo, NY.  This unique Federal/Victorian residence was, just a few years ago, experiencing "confused chi" among other problems.  "Confused chi" occurs when the location of a building's main entrance is not clear and visitors may not be sure where to enter.  The result is that much of the energy that brings good luck into the home simply does not come in at all.  Changes made to the exterior and interior of this home have made this a house that should bring the homeowners harmony and much good luck for many years to come!

Dining RoomResidence Exterior in Winter


The Feng Shui Excellence Award has been bestowed upon the Chateauesque home of Sarah and Eric S. in Philadelphia, PA.  This charming residence has achieved a very high level of good "chi" throughout.  Most importantly, major structural changes, such as the addition of a swimming room, were made in such a way as to still further enhance the structure's energy.  The homeowners have seen many positive changes over the years and continue to make further enhancements with each Annual Update Consultation.  This maximizes the likelihood that the excellent Feng Shui of this residence will produce ever-improving good luck!

Residence ExteriorSarah and Eric Swimming Pool Room