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Master Aaron Lee Koch
8 Feng Shui Home & Business Consultation Services

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8 Feng Shui Master Aaron Lee Koch
I am a messenger and a guide. The message is that limitations are not real, possibilities are infinite, the life you choose is within your reach. Feng Shui is a tool that I use to enable those seeking my guidance to create their dreams.
Aaron Lee Koch
Residential and Business Consultations in all Parts
of NY, NJ, & PA, and Many Surrounding Areas
Feng Shui in its Authentic Classical Form
A Level of Excellence and Precision that
Meets the Highest International Standards

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Considering Feng Shui for Home or  Business?
8 REASONS to Speak with Master Aaron Lee Koch
1. Authentic Classical Feng Shui, ONLY!  No western, new age, black sect or other simplistic interpretations of Feng Shui here.  Classical Feng Shui, as practiced for generations in Asia, is always based on compass directions and always includes a flying star analysis to accurately determine the nature and flow of the life energy within a structure.
2. Expertise!  From small apartments to large commercial projects, from historic structures to new construction, Master Aaron Lee Koch has an unsurpassed level of experience.
3. Comprehensive!  No detail affecting the energy of your home or business is overlooked.
4. Respect!  YOUR lifestyle, budget, needs, concerns and goals are the main priority.
5. Results!  Health, relationships, finances and fertility are just some of the areas where clients see success.
6. No Surprise Consultation Fees!  You are told, IN ADVANCE, the exact consultation fee for the project, not an hourly rate.
7. Reasonable Fees!  In fact, the Golden Level consultation for apartments, small houses and small businesses, is EASILY AFFORDABLE.
8. Follow-Up!  Once you are a client, your success is what's important.  Feel free to call with any questions or concerns that may come up.

The Story of 8 Feng Shui

As long as I can remember, my life has been centered around my spiritual practice and my work with metaphysics. I recall, at the early age of 6, looking up at the vastness of the starry night sky and receiving a flash of spiritual clarity. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. Gradually, over the ensuing years, it became clear to me that there is so much more to us, our lives and our world, than meets the eye. I also came to see that there was a certain life path that I was called to follow. I would need to learn to listen on a profound level, and to be totally open. Have I done a good job of following that path? At times I have and at other times I have not. However, events would always guide me back on track.
In 1982, I lived in Toronto and worked for IBM Canada. One evening, in my local bookstore, I came upon one of the earliest books on Feng Shui in the English language. It was a British book - the Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui by Stephen Skinner. It made a big impression on me and so much sense! I began working with the principles in the book in my own apartment. The results were dramatic, but also very logical. When you correctly channel the energy of your environment, it produces clear benefits. After that, I felt driven to read everything I could find in English, French or Spanish that even touched upon Feng Shui. I also began my formal Feng Shui studies, eventually receiving a number of certifications, including Professional Certification by the Feng Shui institute of Canada, Master Practitioner Certification from the Grand Master Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui in Malaysia, and Certification by the Grand Master Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny in Hong Kong. Prior to starting my professional Feng Shui practice, I had an extremely successful 18-year career in information technology. I considered good Feng Shui my success secret and I was determined to someday share this secret with the world! How, where and when, I really had no idea.
In September, 1999, I made the decision to leave my computer career and start my practice of Feng Shui on a full-time basis. Things took off quickly, and my career was guided by the Universe in uncanny ways. At the beginning, I would only be hired for very simple projects, such as small apartments and simple boxy houses, whose occupants had concerns that were straightforward and easy to remedy. Gradually, the projects became more complex, and they always came in pairs. I would work on a mobile home, then soon after came another mobile home. A new construction design project was followed by a similar design project for another new structure. A veterinary office was followed by a public animal shelter with similar issues. As the projects gradually became more complex, they continued to come in pairs. For example, an extremely large suburban home was followed by a bed and breakfast with almost the identical floor plan. Since I started in September, 1999, I have been practicing authentic classical Feng Shui across the northeastern United States, and in many other parts of the world. Today, the projects no longer come in pairs. Over the years, I have gained confidence in working with the most complex structures and the most intricate life and business situations. I have also learned to turn to my spirit guides whenever necessary, to ask for help with a specific situation, and to listen for the answers that always come right back to me. Most importantly, a week does not go by without my hearing from several clients with reports of excellent, and sometimes very dramatic, achievments, healings, successes, and wonderful results of all kinds! 8 Feng Shui home & business consultation services produce meaningful results, and that is what makes it all worthwhile!
In March, 2001, I began to write my monthly column, which is today called Ask Aaron: About Feng Shui and Life, in which I answer reader questions on Feng Shui, new thought, and related subjects. The column has been in several and new age publications over the years, and has appeared continuously every month in the NorthEastern Holistic Resource magazine.
The name AmeriChi Feng Shui dates back to September 11, 2001 (yes, 9/11). I had plans to register the company name on that day. The collapse of three buildings in New York City’s World Trade Center that morning was a major shock for our entire country. Nevertheless, the guidance came - trust God and just keep going. Why AmeriChi? At that time, I saw the concept of chi as an advanced idea that was being introduced to America from the outside. I saw myself as instrumental in the importation of that concept.
In the late fall of 2001, I started The American School of Classical Feng Shui. I was guided to do this because there was, and is, a real shortage of properly trained practitioners of Classical Feng Shui in North America. What was often passed off as Feng Shui in America were a number of simplified practices that had little to do with the real thing. Authentic Classical Feng Shui is always based on compass directions, and always considers the impact of time on the nature and flow of energies. Classical Feng Shui is something that you must be called to practice, and I am often told that I have a special gift. Only so much can be learned from a teacher. However, others have the same calling and gift as I do, and they need the opportunity to study and learn the basics of Feng Shui, without having to travel the world as I had to do, to seek out that education. I have an undergraduate degree in secondary education and, before my IT career, I taught in the New York City school system. I did not expect to again make use of those teaching skills, until I was called to start the School. Due to my extremely busy consultation schedule, The American School of Classical Feng Shui has not been heard from much recently. 8 Feng Shui education and The American School of Classical Feng Shui very much still exist, and I am working on a new educational Program that will help spread this important knowledge much further than before!
In 2012, my book Feng Shui Secrets for Glowing Health, Serious Wealth & Great Relationships, based on the first 6 years of my column, was published. My more comprehensive book Feng Shui Q&A was published in 2014 and is indexed for easy reference. Both books are available on amazon.com and bn.com in both soft cover and electronic versions, as well as in selected bookstores.
In 2016, I opened The Feng Shui Mega Shop at FengShuiMegaShop.com offering a carefully selected group of cures, enhancers, and related items. 8 Feng Shui merchandise can now be easily purchased online and shipped worldwide. 
Now, much has changed in how North American's see Feng Shui. Chi is not the "foreign" concept it once was. I have for years been surrounded by people who truly understand the importance of working with the environmental energies that affect our lives. It’s now time for the next step – 8 Feng Shui. Feng Shui is all about the number 8. Feng Shui works with 20 year energy cycles, and the 8 represents the current energy period that we are in until 2024. The 8 also represents timeless good luck! 8 is also the symbol of infinity, and is a key to opening up infinite possibilities in all areas of our lives! In western numerology, 8 is about balance, especially balance between the material and metaphysical worlds, and that is the real goal of authentic Feng Shui! It is also about karmic balance – reaping what you have sown! Bringing to fruition that which you deserve! AmeriChi Feng Shui is now 8 Feng Shui. It's more than just a name change. It represents a broader and more universal perspective, with infinite possibilities! And the time is right ... now!

Aaron Lee Koch
8 Feng Shui
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Vestal, NY  13851-0088
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