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8 Feng Shui

Master Aaron Lee Koch

Feng Shui Master

Aaron Lee Koch

formerly AmeriChi Feng Shui

Offices in Brooklyn, NY and Binghamton, NY

and BN.COM

Authentic Feng Shui
SERIOUS Wealth & GREAT Relationships!
by Master Aaron Lee Koch
Residential and Business Consultations
Throughout the Northeast and Beyond
Feng Shui in its Authentic Classical Form
A Level of Excellence and Precision that
Meets the Highest International Standards

Considering Feng Shui for Home or Business?
8 REASONS to Speak with Master Aaron Lee Koch
1. Authentic Classical Feng Shui, ONLY!  No “western”, “new age”, “black sect” or other simplistic interpretations of Feng Shui here.  Classical Feng Shui, as practiced for generations in Asia, is always based on compass directions and always includes a “flying star” analysis to accurately determine the nature and flow of a structure’s life energy.
2. Expertise!  From small apartments to large commercial projects, from historic structures to new construction, Master Aaron Lee Koch has an unsurpassed level of experience.
3. Comprehensive!  No detail affecting the energy of your home or business is overlooked.
4. Respect!  YOUR lifestyle, budget, needs, concerns and goals are the main priority.
5. Results!  Health, relationships, finances and fertility are just some of the areas where clients see success. 
6. No Surprise Consultation Fees!  You are told, IN ADVANCE, the exact consultation fee for the project, not an hourly rate.
7. Reasonable Fees!  In fact, the Golden Level consultation for apartments, small houses and small businesses, is EASILY AFFORDABLE.
8. Follow-Up!  Once you are a client, your success is what's important.  Feel free to call with any questions or concerns that may come up.
8 Feng Shui
117 Rano Boulevard, # 88
Vestal, NY  13851-0088
607.722.7719        718.288.1058